Sunday, March 27, 2011

Saturday night on the Las Vegas Strip

Last Saturday night I was walking around the Las Vegas Strip  and noticed that the "Saturday Night Specials" were in full force so I listened to a few Stickmen and this is what I heard:

-  at Mandalay Bay:

"The Five-Deuce are Loose"
-  and the numerous Hispanic dealers have noticed and started chanting at O'Sheas:
"Cinco-Dos Adios" 
........ makes you wonder if certain 7-Outs are occurring so much that the Dealers now have cute little sayings about them !!

As I walked into Caesar's I asked a friendly dealer how the table was, he said "Ugly".  After I saw a bunch of 5-2 outs, I asked him if it bothered him if these ugly dice were driving away business and his tips ..... he replied that he doesn't care cause he is only a year away from retirement, but

that these Ugly dice reminded him of "Fight Dice". 
I asked what is "Fight Dice" and he explained that whenever there was a big fight in town, the casinos knew there would be a lot of money on the tables and would use Ugly dice that would 7-out too often.

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