Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Shaved Dice, Biased Dice; do they exist? ...

Can you exploit them?  Details herein.

From: "Jpe21ap@aol.com" Jpe21ap@aol.com

Jerry Patterson here with a very controversial message.   And a no-risk offer for how you can obtain a copy of the Confidential Report describing biased dice.

My dice control networks have been collecting evidence on biased dice for over three years. Hard evidence right from the craps tables.

We have incontrovertible proof that biased dice exist.

Does this mean that the casinos are shaving the dice?  Not necessarily.

Does this mean that casinos would risk their license by altering the dice in any way? Not necessarily.

Then what does it mean?  And how can you capitalize on biased dice?

There are just far too many smart, skilled, intelligent individuals within the JPE Craps Networks who have observed, noted and documented statistical results skewed far beyond the pale of statistical reality.

And this data has been collected from big casinos and small; in casino areas all across the country.

A Nine-Page Confidential Report on Biased Dice

The report not only describes a simple procedure for detecting biased dice but also shows you how to turn the tables and exploit them to your advantage!

Order a copy of my new book Shooting Craps from The Zone and I will send you a complimentary copy of this report so you can make up your own mind about biased dice.  Just $17 plus $7 shipping and handling the supplemental CD.

Click below to order the book which comes in adobe PDF format. The Confidential Report on Biased Dice will be attached to the same email.

Shooting Craps from the Zone, $24

You have received prior emails from me on this new book, which also comes with a FREE subscription to my new Newsletter, Advantage Player.

Go to: Shooting Craps from The Zone for a review of this information with order information.  Or call (800) 257-7130 to order from my Nevada Office.


P.S. The offer is no-risk; well actually you're risking $7, the s & h. If unsatisfied in any way, just return the CD and your $17 will be refunded.

You keep the book, the confidential report and the first two editions of Advantage Player.


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  1. The good thing about this is someone is putting out the information that there are casions that are using biased dice and that they know about them!