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To borrow a line from 1 of our favorite gunslingers, I wanted to make a master list of "The Good, the Bad & the Ugly" Casino Craps Personnel (all casinos are in Vegas unless otherwise noted).......... this could be any Dealers, Boxpersons, Pit Supervisors & waitresses that effect our play --- either for the Good or Bad ... and even worse - the Ugly:

The Good Craps personnel:

          (Casino workers that make our game more enjoyable)

- Bally's - April (Dealer - Night shift)

- Bellagio - Jimmy (Box - older, bald Caucasian, usually night shift, unfortunately retired)

- Caesar's - 95% of the Dealers (Larry, John, John, Mike, Ronnie, Danny, Fernando, Sam, Ron, etc.)
- Caesar's - Rodney (Boxman)
- Caesar's - Jack (Boxman)
- Caesar's - John (Caucasian Boxman)

- Orleans - Ralph (Boxman formerly of Sam's Town early morning shift)

- Palazzo - Jeff (Boxman)

- Sahara - Dave (Dealer - Day Shift during week) - after Sahara closed, we have sadly lost touch with Dave
- Sahara - Sharice (Dealer/Box) - after Sahara closed, been seen at Westin Casuarina

- Sam's Town - Heather (Dealer - Day shift - transferred to Caesar's in 2010), fired by Sam's Town for moonlighting at Caesar's
- Sam's Town - Felix (Dealer, unfortunately retired, started his own restaurant off Sahara)

The Bad Craps personnel:

       (Casino workers that make our game less enjoyable)

- Bellagio - Lately Bellagio has become very unfriendly in general to their customers, especially a lot of their new hires to replace those dealers that moved to Aria
- Bellagio - Manuel (Stickman, Hispanic) -- plants his stick like a tree to annoy shooters tossing near the stick
- Bellagio - Afro-American dealer from Jamaica, very condescending to players 
- Bellagio - John (Stickman, balding buzz cut Caucasian from Texas) -- plants his stick like a tree to annoy shooters tossing near the stick
- Bellagio - Eric (Stickman) -- plants his stick at 45 degree angle to annoy shooters tossing near the stick

- Caesar's - John (Dealer - old white-haired, heavier Ohio State fan - carries a Buckeye in his pocket)

- Ellis Island - Pete (Pit Supervisor - weekend Day shift)

- Fiesta - Al (Stickman - half bald Caucasian)

- Gold Coast - Lady Box (the good looking, shapely female Box person with glasses & dark hair that starts at 11:00 AM)

- Harrah's - all the daytime Caucasian Dealers that call themselves the "A-Team". start at 11:00 AM
- Harrah's - standing "Boxman" Jimmy Menzer (silver haired large tall suit)

- Horeshoe - Tunica - Felix (Cheech - of Cheech and Chong look-a-like) - just returned from Tunica, and never really had a good feeling about Felix, so I observed him this trip. He makes all "Dice Setters" reach for the dice after each roll regardless of their position on the table. One time way forward, next time to the far left, then right, etc. He's a little guy and consciously knows what he's doing, too.  Chicken Feeders and Dice Chuckers get dice delivered right in front of them within reach.  One player likes hop bets, so he started to throw his bets further and further away from Felix the Stick, who in turn asked the player to put the chips next to him, and the player said " I'd like the same courtesy with the dice."

- MGM - xxx (StickLady - short-spiked-haired female)

- Paris - Art (Dealer)
- Paris - All Pit Supervisors/Box

- Sahara - Boxman  (Large Caucasian, dark black hair works Monday shift starting at 7 PM - refuses to provide his name or wear his name tag and states that no dice setting is allowed)

- Sam's Town - Valerie (Pit Supervisor/Box)
- Sam's Town - Kelly (Box/Dealer, long-haired female)
- Sam's Town - Yvonne (Pit Supervisor/Box, short-darker-haired)

- Sam's Town - Tunica, Miss - Donna (Pit Supervisor/Box)

- Silver Star - Pearl River, Miss. - Chris - Pit Supervisor (Native Indian - rather large round football player build) stood over the Boxman's shoulder and continuously held his watch up to his face to count the 8 seconds we had to set the dice (he did this for over an hour).

- SouthPoint - In General - they sweat the money, typical of casinos with only 2x Odds
- SouthPoint - Scott Cochrane, small, blonde Boxman, rude aggravating towards shooter
- SouthPoint - Chris FREEMAN alias "THE WEASEL" (Box)
- SouthPoint - Chris Mckenzsie (Box)
- SouthPoint - Gary (Pit Supervisor/Boxman - his days off are Tuesday and Wed. He works 6pm till 2.)

- Stratosphere - Mark from Arizona (Dealer -short reddish hair, Caucasian)

- SunSet Station - Chris (Dealer - 30 to 40 years old short build with black hair, and is Caucasian. The guy has a bad attitude and gives players a hard time!)

- Terribles - Tom Brady (Pit Supervisor - older Caucasian)

- Treasure Island - certain Boxpersons on certain shifts

- Tropicana - Old Boxman (LoL -- aren't they all, but this guy is an older Caucasian working the midnight shift on the table closest to the cage)

- Tuscany - All Pit Supervisors/Boxmen

- Vegas Club - Carlos Herrera (Pit Supervisor - mustache, Day shift) - FIRED

The Ugly Craps personnel:

     (Casino workers that are counterproductive to us playing our game - tables tend to be colder when they are working)

- Boulder Station - Chris (Boxman, Pit Supervisor - tall skinny balding Caucasian) - actually boasts about being a cooler (fired by new Floor Manager in 2012)

- Caesar's - Johnnie (Boxman - tall Afro-American)

- Golden Nugget - Doc (Stickman/Dealer - tall Caucasian talks non-stop, retired, plays Craps now and has his own website)

- Harrah's - Joey (StickLady - long dark haired Caucasian, usually has hair in bun or pulled back, during evening shift)

- Sam's Town - Nina (BoxLady aka Dragon Lady aka Devil Woman)

.......... please post your suggestions and details why a person should be added to one of the categories above

WARNING - we use ethnic classification to assist in easier identification ONLY - apologies to those who are offended by such descriptions.

........  here's a
-->Post by quarters on Oct 12, 2009, 2:26pm

I really think our motto should be:


There still are casino's that want you to play and congratulate you on having a good roll since it always brings people to the table. I always notice that alot of times it will bring women to the table that usually won't step up there!

Ms. Q 
 ........ as 1 dealer recommended to me the other day as he was commenting about me charting the table
"You also need to track the dealers - for instance, during my 1st hour everyday I call tons of PL winners because I am in a happy mood; compared to my last hour at work when I am tired and ready to get the hell out of Dodge and go home .... and Felix over there calls more PL winners when he is stick cause he whistles all day at work and is always in a good mood"

........ I ran across another Weasel -- the Stickman at Stratosphere name Mark from Arizona (short reddish hair, Caucasian) ..... every time the Pit supervisor walks near his table, he will flip the dice to a 7 in the middle and keep eyeing the Pit Supervisor to see if he gets brownie points .... he is also quick to bark out the Strat's rule that unless you have chips in your rail you have to step back from the table -- even if only 2 players are on the table .... so if you are going to observe the dice, you will have to buy-in first.

on Jul 16, 2008,  Quarters wrote:

The SouthPoint (SP) tables are still the same. Air under the center of the tables till about six inches from the back wall. Three are good, three are bad to unplayable. The real problem at SP is two of the pit crits. One is CHRIS FREEMAN alias "THE WEASEL" and Chris Mckenzsie. They will pounce on any Di they see. Not only do they want you to HIT the back they want you to make sure the die bounce hard off the back wall. I now have their days off figured out and will take full advantage of those days in the very near future.


..... I asked a dealer buddy of mine at Paris the other day why there were so many "Weasels" (although I referred to them as aszholes) in the Craps arena ..... his opinion was that many of the Weasels were just new to the game and really wet behind the ears and took work memos from above too literally ...... he went on to say that most seasoned Craps personnel that had more years under their belt did not sweat the small stuff ....... this is most evident at high-end joints like Caesars where the dealers probably average 22 years experience and only hit the table hard with the stick in disgust over a 7-out made by a regular customer

Even a Bally's box came over and shook my hand the other day and explained that they had new management and would be treating their customers better in the future ....... recently I have noticed the Bally Boxes start clapping & rooting when a roller gets on a hot roll - although most of the time this is counter-productive to most rollers

....... makes me wonder if it is 1 of those nice ploys done on purpose to disturb the shooter and take him out of his focus like the Boxes at TI & Paris that start a nice conversation with no one at the table except the current shooter

Then there are the friendly & great dealers like David & Sharice at Sahara during the daytime shift ....... David today asked a younger stickman not to talk to the SR1 player during his roll after he noticed the previous stick had caused our good buddy at SR1 to 7-Out after he joked with him during a hot roll ........ professional and courteous considerations that make our game fun !! ....... and Sharice even thanked me for rolling a 12 for her the other day at another casino where she was a player, even though she could have easily voiced her displeasure over my short 4 roll with her at the table :-/

On my list of Craps Weasels:

Art the dealer at Paris ...... the other day I PSO'd and he announced loudly:

“that is what happens when you go to a discount dice school”
--> you see, Art was one of our dealers and remembers me when Charlie009, Greenchip, and I were playing at one of the 2 Paris tables Heavy had arranged on a Sunday morning for his 2006 GAC ...... afterwards as we were discussing where we might meet later that afternoon, Art had overheard us talking about meeting at Red Rock and cupped his hands as a megaphone and announced loudly in a very demeaning tone:
"Someone call Red Rock and warn them that this group will be there at 3:00"
- also on the list are what some Vegas locals refer to as the "3 Beitches at ST" - 3 daytime named Val-----, Ke--- and E------ (sp?) ..... chart their tables long enough and you will notice their tables are empty and colder more often than others at the same joint


  1. There is no reason why a casino should have any of these dealers or suits working for them as they run off more players that would make a profit for the casino, the word does get out,to just stay away from certain casinos. We play for the fun of playing and we know that the casinos have the edge, and we are willing to risk our money, we have plenty of friends that play all kind of casino games, that we tell to stay out of casino that give players a hard time. With this down economy they should welcome any player they can get to walk through the doors.
    If they have dealers that think it's fun to give players a hard time, they should get rid of them and the same thing goes for suits.
    If you run into a bad dealer tell the pit manager, and write a letter to the casino manager to get your point across. You should be treated with respect when you put your money on the line, it keeps some of these jerks working, and it's about time that we all voice our opinion about these jerks!

  2. I have been playing craps for a long time now and I have had my share of ugly dealers. However, on my last trip to Vegas I stopped off at Whiskey Pete's at state line to play some craps. There was a dealer there named Tom and he had us in stitches the whole time. He'd say things after we'd win on the come out roll like "Do that 100 more times and you can go home'. Then I rolled an eleven and he say's "Alright, only 99 more to go". I bet $5.00 on a twelve one time and it hits, he's say's "Dude, would you buy me a lottery ticket on your way out?"

    One time Tom made a mistake on a pay out which he caught right away. He apologized and said "Sorry, I went to public school". I almost lost it.