Thursday, March 31, 2011

Las Vegas Dice and the Come-out Toss ...

We received an email from one of your better players that goes to Las Vegas often and even though he is humble about his betting units IMO his average bet is no different than 80% of the non-poker craps players and his betting style is much smarter than the average Dice influencer:
"I'm a real small-time bettor, Harley; however, by yesterday morning I was up about $185 after a decent run at Palace Station with flat betting. Then I asked them for a buffet and got that. When I returned to the table, there were too many loud-mouth chicken-feeders making stupid prop bets and slowing down the game there to do anything so I left and went elsewhere. All the other places I went had bad dice. I even returned to Palace that afternoon and they had started using bad red sanded dice.

By the end of the trip, I came home with $80, which was enough to pay for my gas and food. I'm getting better with each trip but there's little I can do against casinos that cheat.

I am usually able to hit both good and bad naturals on the come out IF the dice are good. Strangely, setting all sevens on the come out with BAD dice prevent me from hitting my naturals..."
When faced with too many "BAD" Biased dice, my advice to him is to use a dice set with most any of the naturals showing on the Come-out -- HOWEVER,  make sure the 3 and/or 4 are on the axis (like car wheels) or on the outsides (not on top or facing you or in front) ..... I like to use the 6-1 up and 5-2 facing me or the back wall (not the wall I am shooting towards)

If you see Biased dice being employed, RUN AWAY as fast as you can.  However, if you must play - DO NOT use THIS SET on your Come-Out toss for naturals:
NOR should you use this particular "All Seven Set" illustrated on Dice Coach's website:

The key is to utilize to your advantage what most casinos in Las Vegas are using (a heavy 5/2 and 6/1 Seven-Out bias) for your Come-out toss ...... then throw the best on-axis toss you have in your arsenal making sure to elevate the dice with as much arch as you can ..... I call this the "High Roller" Come-Out toss since it uses the advantages of more gravity combined with reactive centrifugal force.

When I have to use this "High Roller" Come-Out toss, about 40% of my profits on a Biased dice table are on the Come-Out ....  making the best out of a bad situation .... When given lemons .... make lemonade !!

With "BAD" unbalanced Biased dice, you will need to remember that every dice roll is not independent with a 1 in 36 probability but instead closer to 1 in 16 for some numbers (5/2 and 6/1 Seven-Outs) and 1 in 75 for others (Hard 8) ....  and that
For more information on this subject see the "Biased Dice ..." Page Link above (under the Luxor Pyramid, the Sphinx and Excalibur) and additional comments in the Biased Dice Link to the Left under the Topics Index.

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