Friday, October 24, 2014

Crappy Dice in Kansas ...

....  I received this private email from Linaway with permission to publish - more testimony of unbalanced dice:

The dreaded dice disease of heavy die faces is spreading everywhere apparently. Now, you know I am a retired Master Electronics Technician. ... my background once again has served me well in my so called Golden Years.

In my better than 40 years in aviation, most of it was in Quality Control. Yet I was an electronics technician, I held a full set of Inspection stamps. I know crap when I see it. ... over the years because of those things some tried to slip by me gave me cause to come up with a “saying”.
You won’t sell me a bar of soap or the wrapper it came in until you clean up your act!
I did battle with hoards of salesmen, planners, engineers and department heads throughout my tenure. I was the final say in many instances and my Group and I, which was made up of me, became one tough SOB! Tough from the stand point of doing the job correctly and not sticking it to the customer with a load of craps. Actually the expression was a load of poles.

I offer this story so that you know I come to you with nothing but facts. 

Boyd Gaming Corporation is the acting Administrator of the Kansas Star Casino which sets about 10 miles south of Wichita, Kansas near Mulvane. Right on the turnpike. This joint is as crooked as a dogs hind leg. The casino itself is owned by the Kansas State Lottery. Which of the two are the greediest? Obviously with the State owning the joint, Boyd comes in second. 

Slot machines are so tight, you couldn’t get a win with a sledge hammer. Now, I hope you agree that my son and I know as much about the dice as anybody around and probably more than most. 

A 45 minute drive to get there.  We bought in at 12:30 PM and left the table about 25 minutes if not less later. WHY? Dice outcomes were primarily 1/6 and 2/5 sevens, not much trash. However, right after I bought in, the guy to my right did the 7 nasty. I didn’t pay any attention to that 7, busy getting my chips from the dealer and in the rack.

I have an arrangement in the 2V that gives me some great comeout rolls. This I began with. Guess I should tell you I was at the right side of the table end and my son was next to me on the left about center table. I rolled two yo’s and set the point of 8. Just did meet probability of 10 rolls including the 7-out of 2/5.

I didn’t think anything about it until my son got the dice next, set the point and PSO. The nasty being 1/6. Only one other guy to left of my son and he colored and left. Dice went to opposite table end. Guy sets in the HW’s, immediately rolls a pair of 6’s showing on the dice. HELLO! He then sets point of 1/5, HELLO AGAIN! Then immediately rolls an 1/6 7-out.

No way can an 1/5 be in a HW outcome. The 1 is present and shouldn’t be, it should be in the rotational axis aka axles of 1661 or one of the other 4 axle variables. Same with the pair of 66’s on top, those two should have been in the axles. Then the ah crap 7-out as 1/6 should not have been present for they are harbored in the HW axles.

I got to thinking about my prior roll and the pair of yo’s. What I thought was my haha skills in all probability was nothing more than unbalanced dice results caused by heavy die faces of the 5 and 6. Meanwhile as the dice quickly moved from shooter to shooter, lots of 2/5’s showed up. My next shoot wasn’t so good and the 2/5 7-out quickly got me. Son had similar. We said to hell with this and drove home.

One moment of glory manifested itself in our presence setting in front of the boob tube. Kansas City Royals, which we call our home team even though they are just across the river in Missouri. Broke a record never before done. They won in post season 8 straight games without a loss and now are in the cat birds seat. They will be playing in the World Series. Took the 29 years since their last time there.

The moral of my story is “BIASED DICE” are present in the south central part of Kansas now. Kansas Star like Prairie Band casino has seen the last of me and mine. Prairie Band is about 20 minutes north of Topeka, Pottawatomie tribe, and Kansas Star 10 minutes south of Wichita.

I only know about the dice we saw today in a very brief session. The dice being bad was obvious. Sad thing about this is, my son and I with our in depth knowledge of dice instantly saw what was going on. Unfortunately those few on the table did not and the 1000’s more that will unwittingly play this casino is getting ripped off.

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  1. Go with you instinct. If you think you were cheated, then so be it. I got the same feeling in Reno, counting cards.