Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Is the Wizard of Vegas Fair and Balanced ...

Instead of answering the question, the Wizard of Vegas banned me for asking the question:

Quote: Ahigh
The members of this forum are as obsessive over what should be free bets IN THEORY with perfect dice as other forums are about how you throw the dice to be fair to the two opposing camps on the game of craps.

All this does is demonstrate that the bets are not free for any distribution except perfectly flat. Perfectly flat distributions generally don't exist anywhere except in theory.

The challenge is to record outcomes for a stick of dice in a real casino, download the spreadsheet, and see what the edges are in reality of the real world instead of mocking people who believe things that are not compatible with your personal belief system.

AMEN .... I believe the Wizard has dropped the ball in his own back yard on this issue 

Quote: Copyright © 2009-2013 Michael Shackleford

Blacklist Rules

My blacklist is a place for the most unethical of Internet casinos. Reasons for inclusion on the blacklist include:

Game results are not consistent with a random game.

I expect all casinos to offer a fair game as evidenced by the fact that the cards or dice observed fall in line with statistical norms. ...

- Who did the observation of Las Vegas casino dice ??!
- Does the Wizard give the Las Vegas casinos a pass since he is on their payroll ??!
- Is this why he only goes after online casinos ??!!

... or was it just a big assumption .... we know what happens when we assume something .....

Link to Wizard of Vegas Discussion Forum on Biased Dice...

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