Friday, March 1, 2013

Investigation of Xxxx Casino Dice

I received the following email concerning unbalanced biased dice being used in a casino in the mid-USA .... since this is a current investigation, details have been xxx-out .... The good news is that this particular state does have decent dice specification laws to protect it's patrons, unlike Nevada ...

From: Xxxx Xxxx
Date: Tue, Feb 26, 2013 

Subject: Investigation of Xxxx Casino Dice
To: Harley <>

Hi Harley:

I have a lot of news coming down from Xxxx Casino here over the past three weeks. They have had tables closed 2 times with players challenging bad dice. I had a hour to hour and a half meeting with Xxxx State Gaming Control Agent Friday a week ago. Gave him a copy of Balancing Dice For Dummies. He is writing up a report and forwarding to Xxxxx.

I heard yesterday that all the dice stock was taken out of Xxxx Casino possession and a whole new order was received. ... It will be interesting to see if dice inspection has changes at Xxxx Casino and the rest of the State of Xxxx. I explained to him how I first suspected biased dice ... and how this has progressed over the years.

Call for more details.

See this Link for Balancing Dice For Dummies

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  1. I believe Ameristar in kc has biased, or magnetized dice someone should investigate them...