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Craps Rules vs. Laws ...

A basic "rule" of craps is that both dice must hit the back wall ..... However, there is no such law or regulation in Nevada similar to the one in Indiana - below is a page from the regulations for Indiana:

         68 IAC 10-4-4  Proper and invalid rolls of dice
Authority: IC 4-33-4-1; IC 4-33-4-2; IC 4-33-4-3
Affected: IC 4-33
Sec. 4. (a) The shooter shall throw the two (2) selected dice to the far end of the table for the purpose of bouncing the dice off the backboard of the craps table. The shooter must make a good faith attempt to bounce the dice off the backboard of the craps table.
  (b) A roll of the dice shall be deemed invalid if one (1) of the following occurs:

(1) One (1) or both of the dice go off of the craps table. (2) If more than two (2) dice are thrown. 
          (c) The stickperson may declare the following rolls invalid:
(1) If one (1) of the die comes to rest on top of the other die. 
(2) If a patron other than the shooter throws the dice. 
(3) If the dice do not leave the shooter's hand simultaneously. 
(4) If one (1) or both dice come to rest in the dice bowl. 
(5) If one (1) or both dice come to rest on the rail of the craps table. 
(6) If the shooter has not placed a pass bet or don't pass bet. 
(7) If the shooter throws the dice in the wrong direction on the craps table. 
(8.) If the shooter slides the dice across the table so that one (1) or both of the dice do not roll or tumble. 
(9) If one (1) or both dice do not fall flat on the craps table, but rest on the chips or tokens stacked on the craps table. 
(10) If the shooter does not make a good faith attempt to bounce the dice off the backboard and the dice are not thrown at least one-half (½) the length of the craps table. 
(11) If the dice come to rest in a manner that it cannot be determined which face of the die is uppermost. The stickperson's declaration of an invalid roll may be overturned in accordance with section 5 of this rule. 
(Indiana Gaming Commission; 68 IAC 10-4-4; filed Oct 30, 1997, 12:40 p.m.: 21 IR 924; errata filed Feb 6, 1998)

Is it true there is no written law about hitting the back wall in Tunica or Vegas  ?? .... Is it just a casino specific industry standard ??

The former Chief of Enforcement of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, Keith Copher dances around this unwritten rule of hitting the back wall as if it is like the Wizard of Oz (really no Wizard - just a little man behind the curtain):

...Casinos, can and do, set their own "rules of play." Casinos can decide not to allow dice setting or controlled shooting, just as they can block "card counters" from playing blackjack. 
Card Counting is not illegal in Nevada and other states. In fact, various courts have upheld the legality of players using their skill (card counting) to win the game of blackjack. But the casinos, being private businesses, are not obligated to allow card counters to play in their establishments. 
And so it is with dice controllers or "dice mechanics," as some are called. While setting and controlled shooting is legal the casinos do not have to let you play or shoot. They can say, "throw the dice our way or take the highway." 
Casinos can also enforce the "back wall" rule differently. All casinos maintain that for a dice throw to be legal that both dice must hit the back wall; but this rule can be enforced and interpreted differently. 
Some casinos will allow a throw when both dice end up short of the back wall by several inches or even a foot or two feet. But some casinos might call "no roll" when both dice fail to reach and hit the back wall.
I know of some casinos who maintain that the dice not only must reach the back wall but must bounce off of the backwall by at least several inches. 
I've also heard of casinos who will declare "no roll" when the dice do not hit the back wall and a "winning number" shows, but will let the "short roll" count if a "seven out" or losing number shows.
I do not agree with every thing he states above, but that is his "expert" opinion.

... Q: "Does the Gaming Commission then consider "dice setting" to fall under the definition of "cheating"?
A: "No, as long as the dice fly in the air, bounce on the table, and hit the back wall. In some cases the casinos are lenient about the dice not hitting the back wall, and these are still legal throws, no cheating."

I play in 2 Vegas casinos where they will call the dice no matter if you hit the back wall or not - and they never give heat about hitting the back wall ......  you see, if it were a law to hit the back wall, then these 2 high profile Strip casinos would be allowing a game to be played that is not allowed by the Nevada Gaming Commission and if a person rolled a 7 on a short roll and the casino took my bets off the table on this Seven-Out, then I would have a valid complaint with the casino and the Gaming Commission would have to follow the "written rule" and make the short roll 7 a no roll and give me my $$$ back.

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  1. I don't like the "no roll." It creates untrustworthiness, 'cause it looks like the player is cheated.