Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gaming Commissioner admits to Biased Dice

During the Gaming Convention in Las Vegas last year, a Washington State Gaming Commissioner personally told one of our good craps buddies that he knows his casinos use unbalanced dice 
"that produces a lot of 6/1 Seven-outs" but he went on to explain that it's not their fault and "there is not much we can do about it since the proper plastic material to make the pips is not available since the 9/11 war began"
.... we can put someone on the moon, but not able to balance dice .... sounds like some Gaming Commissioner bought some swamp land in Florida - hook, line and sinker


  1. If the dice don't have a normal distribution of numbers, that means other numbers are occurring more often. So, why not chart a table and confirm 6/1 biased dice and then bet accordingly?

    IF what you're asserting is true, there should be teams of pros taking advantage of the bias, and absolutely KILLING the casinos just like they have done with biased roulette wheels.

  2. If they chart the dice as coming up 5-2 and 6-1 quite often, why not just go to the "dark side" and clean up?