Monday, April 12, 2010

Las Vegas Casinos Squeezing more out of your pocket ...

I remember in the not so distant past that I would make sure I kept at least $30. in my pocket -- safe from gambling -- for the taxi to the airport ..... well if I did that today, I may have to walk to the airport .....  Some hotels and resorts are charging an additional mandatory resort or facilities fee at check-in or check-out, nominally referred to as a Resort Fee.  For those that travel half way around the world with a fixed spending budget may be very well surprised at the extra daily charges ...

The hotels collect these Resort Fees regardless of how or where the room is purchased.

Any hotel-mandated fee is something that should be disclosed before your purchase — however, often they are NOT, or are in very fine print at the bottom.  This extra surprise is often avoided if you say cancel my reservation as you are checking in, but not too many tourists from have that flexibility .... or are even told when they check-in ....

Your surprise is when you see the bill upon check-out or are told when you are checking in — thank you very much... :P

Here's a Link that lists who charges what, and what you're supposed to get for the Resort Fee.

It also lists places that DO NOT charge a Resort Fee — this should influence your choice of place to stay... 8-)  Hint --- all the Harrah's owned properties said they would not charge a Resort Fee ......

The Las Vegas Advisor Poll results for March 24, 2010:

71% of respondents (3,035),said:
I hate resort fees and out of principle I won’t stay at a hotel that has them. I’d rather pay more for these facilities but choose them freely myself than have a fee forced on me for things I might not use.

21% of respondents (917) said:
I have no problem with resort fees if they’re not extortionate ($25/night at Red Rock and GVR?!) but I think hotels should disguise them as part of the nightly rate; it’s the concept of an obligatory add-on that annoys most people, when it should just be part of the room rate.


  1. They should not be able to get away with the fees, it's a rip off that is putting just one more black mark against Vegas. If you book a room you need to know up front what it will cost you. The news papers should look into them and expose the casinos that are using them, just like the air lines now charging you for your baggage, now they are trying to get you to pay for the overhead storage. Just don't stay there, and tell them all you money will be going down the road to the casino that does not charge the fees.

  2. Thanks for the information sounds like the next time out there I will make sure they do not charge fee's