Sunday, March 28, 2010

Advantage Players

Are you a CAP (Craps Advantage Player) ?? .....  I think Advantage Players has been best described by the following:
Advantage player is a term used to describe a person who has the ability to play a casino gambling game so skillfully that even without cheating, that person can negate or reverse the casino's typical built-in house advantage in that game. Examples of advantage play include card counting in blackjack and dice control in craps.
Casinos will generally eject an individual whom they identify as being an advantage player. And habitual offenders may ultimately find themselves listed in the Griffin Book, and thus become unwelcome in most casinos. However, advantage players are abiding the established rules of the game, and thus committing no actual fraud against the casino. Therefore, unlike those who cheat outright at the games, advantage players can operate without fear of being criminally prosecuted if they are discovered. **
And this Blog inspired a post by Mad Professor within just a few days:
The professional advantage-player is there to make money, while the professional gambler is there for the action of the game, and making money is secondary or even tertiary.

If the professional gambler happens to make a profit while he is gambling…all the better…but money is not the force that drives him…it is the RISK that attracts and keeps him searching for the next risk-taking “gamble”.

The professional advantage-player makes his money from perfecting his craft.

He develops his skills in the same manner as a professional athlete, and develops his money-management and decision-making skills in the same manner as a senior corporate executive.

The professional advantage-player is almost completely the opposite of, and the antithesis to a professional gambler.

A professional advantage-player tries to engineer as much risk as possible out of the game. In craps for example, by de-randomizing the dice, he seeks to reduce risk. For him, MONEY is principally the way to gauge progress and to keep score.

For the professional gambler, as long as he can be in a game, almost any game where he can have money at risk, then he is generally satisfied. He treats wins simply as more fuel to get him into, and keep him in more and more gambling action. A full belly and a chance to play is principally what keeps him going.

The professional advantage-player seeks to take as much risk and gamble OUT OF his chosen game; and if the opportunity to do so dries up; then he'll move on to another pursuit where opportunity does exist. ***
Advantage Play in Craps not only begins with knowing how to toss the dice, you also have to know:
  1. How to be a better ADVANTAGE bettor AND
  2. How to recognize scams not only in the casinos but also in the Craps educational field.
.... and that is how this website will help you become a better Craps Advantage Player (CAP)

** - Advantage Player definition ...
*** - The message board with no balls to cite references or name names ...


  1. The one nice thing about being an advantage player in craps is you don’t have to pickup the dice, but it sure does help if you know how to shoot, that way you are using your own skills, and should know how to bet them to make the most money you can off of every roll of the dice. If you don’t overstay your time at the table, and know when to stay away from a table that you just hit big on you should have no problem.

    The trick is staying out of that casino, move on to the next one, just remember that some of the larger Casinos can track you, never give them a player’s card, and if you just won big at Harrah’s don’t go to one of their other casinos the same day.

    1. I like how you think. We have the same minddset when it comes to playing craps. Or as I call it investing. Hey send me an email with what stragety you like to use when playing. Shortdogg008@yahoo. Put craps as the subject