Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Strategy after you have made your 1st Point ....

What set, if any, do YOU use for subsequent come-out rolls after the first one? 

Remember, there is no right answer on how to approach the game so you have to figure out what is best for you.  For me, by my 2nd Point hopefully I have figured out how the dice are reacting to my toss:
-- am I double pitching or single pitching or one off axis, etc., and

-- is there a chance I am playing with unbalanced dice so that the Odds have increased for the House on this particular table.

Depending on the answer to those 2 issues, you then calculate whether you play "The Game Within a Game" or set for your signature number so that you can capitalize on repeating the Point.

If I am tossing with heavily unbalanced dice, nearly 40% of my winnings are on playing "The Game Within a Game" Come-out tosses so I will set my dice to the set that are most favored by the imbalance in the dice combined with how I have been tossing so far ...... single pitch or off axis, etc.  ..... (this is where it helps to be able to do BoneTracker calculations live during your toss instead of back at your practice rig after the fact ....... hard to capitalize on "after the fact" results)

 ..... Let's say you have been seeing an abnormal amount of 5/2 Seven-outs before you tossed and your tosses have resulted in several 5's showing up on at least one of your die results, coupled with the fact that the Hard 6s and Hard 8s are scarce that day compared to Hard 10s and Hard 4s, so I would set an All 7's set with 5/2 on top on a 3/4 axis ..... if I am single pitching a lot that day on that table, then I would adjust the All 7's set by taking the right die and turning it half way around so that the 4s are kissing, then single pitch the same right die forward so that I now have a 5/6 on top and 6/5 facing me.

Considering the fallacy in the following March, 2008 interview:

... Jane Willis (a math whiz on MIT's celebrated blackjack team) and her husband, Rich Davey, attended the star-studded Las Vegas premiere of "21." They enjoyed the movie and afterward strolled through the casinos, occasionally pausing to play a little blackjack.

"I'd say there was a little rust on Jane's skills," says Davey. "She was more interested in craps, but unfortunately there's no way to count dice."

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