Friday, March 19, 2010

"Casinos will not cheat" - yea right

For all those in denial (the "Flat Earth Society") saying that casinos as a whole would not cheat, look how rampant the cheating was in New York right under everyone's noses:
" ... a recent story about New York cabbies overcharging their customers has set off a firestorm of buzz. The initial story broke last week, when it was revealed that thousands of cabbies in the Big Apple had overcharged their customers by a total of $8.3 million over several years.

The news sparked immediate Web searches on "new york cab ripoffs" and "taxi scams" as well as lookups for the Taxi and Limousine Commission. The Commission found that dishonest cab drivers were charging customers the "suburban rate," which is twice the "city rate." All told, 35,558 cab drivers "illegally charged a rider at least once." That's out of 48,300 licensed drivers.
Not a very good percentage. (almost 75%)
So, how was the scam discovered? It all started with one guy who was suspicious of his fare. Dr. Mitchell Lee, who often takes taxis home after working at the NYU Medical Center, says he noticed his normal $5 fare had mysteriously risen to $7 one night. He complained to the driver, who offered Lee a discount. Lee declined, paid the full fare with his credit card, then complained to the Taxi and Limousine Commission. From that one complaint, a gigantic scam was quickly unraveled." **
...... the same is so for casinos -- if 1 casino figures out how to increase the odds at Craps, then others will be sure to follow ......... it's a simple law of competition

** - Link to full story

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