Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Casino Marketing and Countermeasures ...

Each casino can use from one to 4 types of dice in a week. The resin compound formula in the white pips varies from dice type even within a casino. Even with today's plastics, there are other ways to make near perfectly square dice unblanced. So do you really think a casino would just have 1 type of BlackJack in a casino ALL with the same house edge ??!! ..... then why would you even think that they would only offer 1 game of craps without varying the house edge among the tables .... all too often, you will have some kind of house edge variance between tables. (see http://wizardofodds.com/games/blackjack/calculator/ )

It's called Casino Marketing 101 .... no different than a retail store having a different profit margin on most items in the store. We learn in marketing courses that the most profitable items are at the end of the aisles and also at eye level, and that the best buys can be found on the bottom row .... same in a casino, usually the back row of tables, or at least not the main corner aisle table.

Sun Tzu gives us 2 valuable lessons in The Art of War. One is in “the Nine Situations”, that if you manage to seize a favorable position, the amount of information that we choose to disclose should be limited ….. thus we cannot disclose on a public forum all we know on how to combat the biased dice that casinos are using because they would simply just make countermeasures.

Second, Sun Tzu tells us that:

Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster
The Gambler's Book Shop in Las Vegas motto is "knowledge is protection." At the store, they have a book by Steven L. Forte for $750.00 called “Casino Game Protection: A Comprehensive Guide” ….. you can also get it on Amazon from about $300. to $1,000.

As explained on this website, there are no technical dice specification laws in Nevada and Forte states in his aforementioned book on page 247:
The bottom line: in jurisdictions without regulations that set forth an acceptable range of tolerances or standards, it can be difficult to state when a die is legally acceptable, or when it should be deemed a cheating device.
This vagueness in the Nevada dice laws allows the casinos to have an unfair game and increase the House edge as much as they desire --- just like they did when they started using 6:5 BlackJack to increase the House edge by over 800 percent (see http://www.blackjack-scams.com/html/6_5_blackjack.html )

.... many still think that is ridiculous !!


  1. Yep...try to bring your own dice to the table and they'll kick you out.

    The casino exploits the "rules" and it is up to us to know how to exploit the casino, even if it means walking away, as was the case with 6:5 B.J.

    We can take money from them at the table or take money from their bottom line by not being at the table.

    Hitting them in the "profit line" is what matters. They just have deeper pockets and they use them to keep the information about their cheatin' ways in the dark to the general public.

    1. Very True !! Based upon 1st hand knowledge of several experiences with the State Gaming Commissions, it is very clear that the vague rules are written for both sides of the table, but only enforced against 1 side - the side that does not pay their salary, pension and then employ them after their State Gaming Commission service.

  2. Right, know your environment and how the casino odds are laid-out. Also, master a game of skill like Bj or Craps.

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