Monday, June 1, 2015

Changes in the New Jersey Dice Laws ...

1.  In the 1980's the New Jerseys Dice laws included the following section that is no longer in the current Dice laws:

19:46-1.15 Dice; physical characteristics
(a) Each die used in gaming at Craps shall:
2. Be manufactured to an accuracy tolerance of no greater than .0002 of an inch;

The current NJ Dice regulations do not include this technical specification:

Why has this accuracy tolerance been removed ??!!

2.  The most important dice rule is in 19:46-1.15(a)6. (old 7. ):
19:46-1.15  Dice; physical characteristics
          (a)  Except as otherwise provided in (b) below, each die used in gaming shall:
6.       Have its weight equally distributed throughout the cube and no side of the cube heavier or lighter than any other side of the cube;
We find that this rule 19:46-1.15(a)6. is rarely followed or enforced in New Jersey.  Remember that these dice specifications do not even exist in Nevada.


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