Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Casino Dice Changes ...

Most Casinos change dice every 8 hours or shift change mostly for quality control. However, we had a lengthy discussion with a couple members of the Biased Dice Research Team and believe we have uncovered a new chapter in Casino Management 101

.... consider that the Nevada Gaming Commission (
NGC) told us that they have the right to protect state revenue -- also that state revenue comes from the casinos, thus the NGC protects the casinos as if it were their Fort Knox.

The NGC also told us in a private meeting about unbalanced dice that they approve what the Monte Carlo casino (in Europe) does after 1 of it's Roulette wheels develops a bias that is taken advantage of by it's customers ..... The European casino closes for 2 hours every morning and during this time they will switch out the biased Roulette wheel to another table ..... Therefore if the same customers try to take the same advantage the next day, they will be surprised by different results.

We have concluded based on several cases that we are seeing the same type of casino asset management at the Craps tables .... If someone is able to take advantage of the biased dice 1 day, the next day (or even next dice change), will have a different set of dice WITH a DIFFERENT bias appear in that casino.

The plethora of 6-1, 5-2 Seven-outs is extremely significant and probably 1 of the 3 easiest ways to spot biased dice on a live craps table when the 6 and 5 may be heavier than other sides of the dice ... due to physics, the 3s and 4s will significantly decrease --- if I could Lay the Hard 6 and the Hard 8, it would be the best bet in the house with these particular unbalanced dice .... and when you Hop the 7s, no need to waste monies on the 4-3

Before Sahara closed, we charted one afternoon 29 Sevens -- the dice were so unbalanced that only 2 (two) 4-3 Seven-outs were recorded out of 29 (on average, there should have been closer to 10 (ten) 
4-3 Seven-outs ... what are the odds of that happening not only once, but proportionately every day at Sahara with a certain set of serial numbered dice ..... Sahara was sweating the money, they were desperate to get as much profit before they closed. They were using the Dark purplish red dice often seen in Indian Casinos (and we have some of their dice as evidence)

However, as stated below, there are 26 ways to weight dice - do not get complacent and ASSUME the dice are fair just because every 7-out is not a 6-1 or 5-2 ....... note that not all Percentage dice (or unbalanced biased dice) are created equal, so you have to know which dice are giving you which bias.

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