Thursday, September 25, 2014

Wake up Dice Community!

....  I received this private email from M of Oregon - lots of truth in what is written:

Readers should know that Bad Dice are probably going to show up on tables where the casino is struggling to make a profit, or where there is no regulations (such as Indian casinos). The dice community tends to assume that all tables are fair and playable, that any casino you walk in to with a Craps table open you can shoot up a profit and walk out of the door much more rich than when you came in. Not only is this absurd to assume but can be very costly as well.

Games with low house edges the Indian casino will 'sweat the money', and they will really make it hard for anyone to win with those games. When the casino cannot offer a degrade version of the games, such as 6:5 blackjack or the watered versions of the game, they simply won't offer it. Many Indian casinos won't offer baccarat because there is no way for them to change the odds.

In the case of Craps, it is a traditional American Casino game and an Indian casino won't really be a casino without a table in operation. The casino cannot change the craps odds to gain the house edge, so they simply buy dice that are unbalanced to such a degree that it pushes the house edge 3 to 5% their way.

So, Indian Casinos are money machines for the Investors, the Tribe and The State. Each party here has an expected schedule of payments must be meet. The idea that the casino will risk itself to not make profit at any given quarter is absurd.. Of course they are going to offer the worst odds for slots and Video Poker and degraded table games to ensure they make profit, if they can't then they just won't offer those games. Most Indian Casinos have little to no local competition, so even if they screw over the players with bad odds and games, where then will the players go? Some will just stop playing, but most will come right back again and gain to keep trying to win.

"A definition of crazy is to do the same thing over and over again with the expectations of different results each time."
Corporate/privately owned casinos have much more local competition where screwing over the players with bad odds and dice only drives the players away to the casino down the road. However, as has been pointed out, on heavy attended casino events such as a 'Fight Night' the Bad Dice may come out at some casinos to reap in some extra cash and limit their potential exposure. However, the casino may alter the Craps tables by installing the larger 5-diamond backwall and installing a rubber washboard in the backends of the tables that is just under the felt and padding. These two changes that are becoming popular, and sending the dice much more flying off the table than before , makes it very hard for the DI to operate. About a year ago my friend Jimmy who is a pro craps player came back home and said that, "they must have done something to the tables for I have never seen so many 'dice off the table' rolls in my life". - Oh, they did do something to the tables.

The Dice Community needs to wake up that the casinos have caught on to all of the DI means and methods and taken counter measures to protect themselves. And that means, altering the backwall, adding washboard rubber in the landing zones at the back ends of the tables and perhaps using unbalanced dice that are impossible to control - They have done this and it has its intended effect. DI is much harder to employ as a player these days, and some of these means to foil the DI has put more edge in the game than wanted.

Player beware! Check out the casino before you smack down a few hundred on the Craps tables. Is the blackjack they offer there good? What is the Video poker pay tables at? Do they even offer video poker at all? Are there many slot players or just a few? Do they offer baccarat? What is the overall mood of the casino? Is the staff there happy and helpful? Are people showing up there to gamble or for other non-gambling reasons?

Why the Dice community ever thought it was immune to the casinos changes and greed was only a fancy. Truth is that the casinos have been putting the screws to us as they are all the other players too.

Wake up Dice Community!

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