Monday, March 24, 2014

The Gaming Commission is the Catholic Church of the Casinos ...

The Catholic Church helped cover-up the crimes of sexual predators for decades and some State Gaming Commissions are doing the same for Casinos when it comes to protecting Consumers against unbalanced dice.
Former Catholic priest Gerald Francis Ridsdale, 79, has admitted his guilt in assaulting 45 children in abuse that spanned 26 years. Ridsdale has pleaded guilty to 30 charges, including 28 counts of indecent assault on 14 children between 1961 and 1980.

Several victims told the pre-sentence hearing they had lost faith in the Catholic Church because of its refusal to act on complaints against Ridsdale.

Some State Gaming Commissions actually go out of their way to protect the Casinos and the life line of their paycheck and pensions instead of protecting the Casino patrons, much in the same way the Catholic Church protects it's child molesters instead of the victims:

In New York, a bill that would give child molestation victims more time to file charges has been blocked seven times by the Catholic hierarchy led by none other than Cardinal Dolan. 
Why? "We feel this is terribly unjust, we feel it singles out the church, and it would be devastating for the life of the church.” In other words, regardless of whether the abuse really happened or what the consequences were for victims, what matters is how much additional lawsuits might cost the Church. Isn’t that the ends justifying the means?

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