Wednesday, February 5, 2014

To Disclose All Information Publicly Would be Foolish ...

“These guys kind of kept it a secret,” Leavitt said. “If this had got out… this would have been a bad thing for the casinos.”
Two gamblers who took advantage of a software bug to win a small fortune from casino video poker machines will enjoy Thanksgiving without the threat of federal prison hovering over them ...  A federal judge in Las Vegas this morning dismissed federal charges against the men, ending a nearly two-year-long legal battle over when beating the house becomes a crime.

... arrested in July 2009 at the Silverton Casino Lodge after the casino noticed suspicious play on one of their video poker machines.
Ts`ao Kung gives us one of his excellent apothegms:
 "The troops must not be allowed to share your schemes in the beginning; they may only rejoice with you over their happy outcome." "To mystify, mislead, and surprise the enemy,"
 is one of the first principles in war....

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