Thursday, September 26, 2013

Casinos using an old Carnival game ...

As can be seen in this Andy Griffith Show clip from Season 5, episode 31 Opie and the Carnival, the Sheriff discovers how the carnival is cheating in a very similar fashion as the Casinos are at craps by using some fair dice mixed in with unbalanced dice .... watch from minute 16:30 to 21:45 ...

The Andy Griffith Show - S05E31 Opie and the Carnival - 16:30

The problem in Las Vegas and Indiana is that the sheriffs are easily on the side of the casinos because they know where their pension is sweetened:
Another high ranking Las Vegas Metro police official appears to be leaving the department and is set to join the new SLS Las Vegas casino.

...  soon we will find out if Ohio joins the list of states where the Fox is guarding the Hen house like they are in Nevada, Indiana, etc.

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