Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Caesar's Las Vegas Craps dealers ...

According to our good friends on Table 401 at Caesars in Las Vegas, the craps Dealers union has agreed to   have them go to 1 hour AND 20 minute shifts from the usual 1 hour shifts before taking the customary 20 minute break.  This is to be effective starting November 30, 2012.

Rumors are abound that it is an effort to get rid of seasoned craps dealers and their benefit packages after hiring over 100 new dealers that list English as their 2nd language.  Also it may be an effort to reduce all dealer hours below 30 so that they are exempt from ObamaCare (remind me again what good the union is for) .

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  1. This is going to affect all DI's as new dealers learn the game. It's going to slow down the game and change the energy. I feel bad for the employees that have been loyal and stayed long enough to have insurance and seniority. I think it stinks!