Friday, August 10, 2012

Balanced Dice ...

Notice how the pips (white dots) are made larger to mathematically balance the cube.  These are from Vegas Supply Store   ... Why are we not allowed to use these kind of precision dice on the craps table ?! -- because the house edge would be too small.

Now let's look at the casino industry standard dice factory Gaming Partners International (GPI) that has purchased most of the dice factories (Bud Jones Company, Paul-Son Gaming, etc.) and moved them to Mexico (for legal jurisdiction reasons) -- this is a picture of dice they sell from their website:
Notice the 1st top row dice to the left -- it is very similar to our precision balanced Pai Gow dice pictured above.  HOWEVER, it is not one we see in the American casinos, although it is popular in the Asian casinos because for some reason they are sadly just not as dishonorable and or as gullible as Americans (see Reference Link ) .

Also note from Paul-Son's dice website ( Gaming Partners International ), they state their:
Standard Features
Our dice have the following standard features:
  • 3/4 /.775
  • Flush Spot
  • One Monogram
  • Razor Edge
Says nothing about "balanced" or "precision" or "perfect" or anything that would suggest such like many other dice marketing websites.  Guess their lawyers wouldn't let them.

Until we demand fair dice like they use on the Pai Gow table and in Asia, Colorado and Australia, we will continue to get unbalanced dice on the craps table that gives the house a larger advantage.


  1. It does seem that a casino in Michigan or Illinois does use this style of Asian fair dice - at the Ojibwa Casino - pictured above

  2. I'll be checking on my local casino boat and report back.

    We have had times when the dice seemed off.

    But the casino keeps all its dice sticks. They use one a day whether a single or double cruise. So it makes it hard to get a set to evaluate.

    But I'll try to get an image or two and see if anything looks off.