Sunday, May 13, 2012

Why too many Dice are Unbalanced ...

It is in no way our job to say why dice are unbalanced, however close observation will show you why too many Dice are Unbalanced.  The pips (white spots) are made of a different material than the plastic colored cube itself.  Too often this will create heavier weight on the 5/6 side of the die as compared to the opposite side 1/2.   This gives an 11:3 ratio of weighted material that creates the imbalance and bias on a craps table.

To demonstrate, we have melted a group of casino dice obtained in Las Vegas - you too can do this at home:
Notice how the white pips (dots) are so much more sturdier than the plastic cube !!  The white pips are so much more heavy-duty that they have retained 100% of their properties when exposed to heat.  Meanwhile the lighter plastic cubes (dice) have nearly disintegrated and merged together.  Here is a close-up view: 

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