Monday, October 10, 2011

Frank Scoblete finally admitting to Biased Dice ...

Has Frank Scoblete finally admitted to the possibility of Biased Dice ... Otherwise, why did he feel the need to include the last sentence of this paragraph:
Mythtake #9: If a craps table has been hot, it will continue to be hot. If it’s cold, it will continue to be cold. This is one of the biggest myths in gambling. Remember this: what happened on the last decision has no influence on what will happen on the next decision. This is absolutely true as long as the game is random.
In his article (see Link --> Limiting Beliefs - 10 common “mythtakes” that players make at table games ), Frank Scoblete tries to dispel "false beliefs based on erroneous information that cause players to make mistakes in the casino."  The only way to not have a random game is if the dice are biased.  If he truly believed Biased unbalanced dice were just a myth, he would not have even inserted the last sentence as a qualification.

Unbalanced dice changes the randomness of the game.  Therefore, often when a table is cold, it will continue to be cold if that casino is using unbalanced dice that increase the house edge.  Maybe Frank Scoblete has finally realized that some casinos on certain shifts do use biased unbalanced dice.  We know they do and we have the evidence.

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